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Valeriy Yashchuk

Advanced Light Source Staff Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1 Cyclotron Road MS 2R0200
Berkeley, CA 94720

Tel: 510-495-2592
Fax: 510-486-7696
Email: VVYashchuk@lbl.gov


Research Interests and Projects

  • Development of ex-situ optical and in-situ at-wavelength metrology instrumentation and techniques for sub-microradian surface slope measurement of x-ray optics suitable for nano-focusing

  • Development and implementation of a variety of calibration methods for increased reliability of the metrology instrumentation available at the Optical Metrology Laboratory: Micromap-570 interferometric microscope, ZYGO-SPI interferometer, Scanning Probe Microscope, and slope-measuring profilers: the ALS LTP-II and DLTP

  • Development of at-wavelength metrology end-station and experimental set-up at the Beamline 5.3.1
  • Development of EUV and soft X-ray diffractive optics with super-high grove density and resolution
  • Design, precise tuning, characterization, and implementation of bendable KB mirrors for a number of the ALS Beamlines
  • Integration of precise measurements of PSD into the specification of x-ray optics and x-ray scattering calculation
  • Optical metrology of x-ray optics for other national facilities
  • Surface investigation of anti-relaxation paraffin coatings