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Photoemission Electron Microscopy Ultrafast Dynamics
X-PEEM is being used for the study of fore-front scientific problems in magnetism and surface science. The properties of ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, and multiferroic thin films are core research areas. For example, X-PEEM was instrumental to obtain a microscopic understanding of exchange bias: the magnetic coupling between a ferromagnet and an antiferromagnet.
Synchrotrons are pulsed sources, permitting pump-probe style experiments with about 70 ps time resolution. The laser pump, x-ray probe X-PEEM experiment shows the dynamics of a magnetic vortex in a rectangular Co patch, revealing that the structure of the nanometer-size core governs the dynamics of the system.
Higher temporal resolution down to 1 ps and possibly below can be achived using streak camera detection. The not spatially-resolved experiment shows the element-resolved demagnetization dynamics of Fe/Gd in response to an ultrafast laser excitations.


  • The bending magnet beamline 7.3.1 powers PEEM-2 with down to 50 nm spatial resolution using x-rays.
  • The new EPU beamline 11.0.1 houses our next generation microscope PEEM-3. This microscope will have an aberration corrected optics and a projected spatial resolution of down to 5 nm. Currently, PEEM-3 offers comparable resolution to PEEM-2 at a more versatile beamline and provides sample cooling down to 60 K.
  • Beamline 11.0.1 is also the home of a streak camera/laser setup for pump-probe studies of ultrafast dynamics, in particular magnetization dynamics

Latest news:

1/25/2008 - High resolution images of a 25 nm width multilayer at PEEM-3


12/16/2007 - Spring '08 schedule for PEEM-2 and PEEM-3

12/3/2007 - Please remember the January 15 deadline for new user proposals.

9/7/2007 - The Advanced Light Source started a new Postdoctoral Scholarshop Program. Check out this program if you are interested in PEEM or Ultrafast Dynamics.

7/12/2007 - Please check out the tutorials!

4/12/2007 - First user beamtime completed successfully at PEEM-3. Now available: Domain imaging and spectromicroscopy at 60 K using liquid Helium cooling.